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"We’re delighted to be working with Arena Flowers.  Not only will you be giving beautiful flowers with each purchase, but you will be helping us to beat cancer at the same time.  Thank you for your support.” Simon Ledsham, Cancer Research UK’s trading director.

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Customer Comments
  • I'm supporting Cancer Research UK because a cure has to be out there somewhere.
  • I support Cancer Research UK for my mum, who always had a smile on her face and always tried to help people. I want to follow in her footsteps and help the people who need the hope.

  • I support Cancer Research UK because they helped people like my friends and family be with us longer than the disease seemed to want them to, and words cannot describe how thankful I am for that.

  • Thanks to advances in understanding and treating the disease, I am still here and able to enjoy my children, hopefully for years to come.

    Catherine Skinner
  • It takes scientists years of hard work to get each drug ready for use, so people like me can be given a second chance in life.

    Bev Hicks, an ovarian cancer survivor
  • I am a final year medical student. Not only have I seen the hurt that cancer can cause, I have also seen how far cancer treatment has come. I believe in time, with our help we can beat cancer for good.

    Khalid, a medical student
  • I believe a future without cancer is possible and should be a possibility for everyone.

  • My older sister had cancer as a child and thankfully survived. Everyone should be able to say that.

  • If I can help another generation survive cancer in my family then it will all be worthwhile.

    Gemma Law
  • I've decided to support Cancer Research UK because I am deeply convinced that if we donate even a few pounds monthly we can help scientists find the cure for that disease.

  • Thank you to all of you who continue to look for the cure!

  • I support cancer research for my friends and family who have been affected by this disease. With more research, there is more hope for survival.

  • I have several family members who have died of...cancer. I know that one day, someone will find a cure and I'll do all I can to help that along

  • I want to support cancer research to help show that cancer can be beaten just like it was for my mum.

  • Cancer is a deadly disease but I believe that it is curable. Lets do our part by supporting Cancer Research UK.

  • We have a history of cancer in our family, fortunately my fabulous gran beat it and is still here to be an amazing inspiration.I want to help other sufferers to fight the disease and win.


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